Divi Next Dual Button Module

Prepare an eye-catching, user-friendly yet customisable dual button setup for your website that will allow your clients to pay attention to your identity and your classy choices you make when it comes to looking for a creative outlook for your company’s future success.

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Dual Button Module Features

The Divi Next “Dual Button Module” would allow you to create custom dual buttons with unique features you pick for them. Take a look and review the Dual Button Module features and connect with your Divi website.

No Coding Required

You have read it right.

No line of coding required if you use our plugins and modules that provide you with easy solutions to your required designs needed for your company website

Create Unlimited Dual Buttons

The features and functions of the Divi Next Button Module would allow you to create unlimited dual buttons with unique features. The uniqueness of the dual buttons would accentuate your company website.

Easily Create and Modify Dual Buttons

You can enjoy the super easy-to-create features and modify at your will with just a click or two using the DiviNext Dual Buttons Module.

Just bring out the creative professional in you. Follow the easy steps we presented in the video tutorial.

Responsive Module

‘Responsive Module’ is helpful as it assures you, how our Button Module made with Divi Next Button Module is ‘glitch-free’ and ‘responsive’.

Add Awesome Border

Create sleek-looking borders and have the ease to play around with interesting features using, ‘Divi Next Button Module’.

This is where you can place a border and custom design them with unique features that includes: stroke, colours, and width to create your very own custom button especially created for your website, just the way you wanted it.

They say one can only learn the harder way, we say you can learn the easier way as well.

Add Background

The background for a button is as important as any other design feature necessary to create a unique button for your website.

You have the liberty to turn an image, GIFs, and videos into a button that will lead to your desired page. 

Advanced Filters and Blend Mode

Just make your site’s button awesome blending the colors by the advanced filter mode of next button layouts. You would create a super dual button with a creative blending of colors.

Transform Control

Strong transform control on your dual button would allow shaping an attractive impression from your visitors. You can easily create a relevant dual button shape with the website theme. Transform control would allow you to shape the button with the proper dimension.

Animation Effect

Diversified animation effect on the text and icon of the button would make the button different from as usual. You would get many relevant animation effects to animate your dual button nicely.


Add proper Icon

 The button would be more relevant with just a proper icon. Just select your preferred icon from a bundle of 25 icons. You would be happy to see the diversification of the icons.


Regular Updates and Fast Friendly Support

Our expert team is always ready to provide prompt support of your queries and regular update of the module. Our developers are always ready to update the button module considering your needs.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content is a super feature of Divi Next Modules. Easily relate the dynamic content to the button and texts through DiviNext modules. Just reduce the efforts and increase the effectivity with dynamic content.


Some of Our Creative Button Styles

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