DIVI Next Modules & Layouts

We all crave quality design tools that will provide users with the best ways to present a product and view the product on a website.

In this case, we guarantee hassle-free customization using our very own Divi Next modules and layouts. Re-create every part of your website with Divi Next’s stunning modules helping you build a great company website Don’t forget to check out Divi Next’s All-Access-Pass consisting of all of Divi Next’s amazing modules and premade layouts. All-Access-Pass allows you to have lifetime access to all of Divi Next products.

Product Support

Our products are customizable by beginner-level to professional designers. We still make sure you all have our full attention and we provide ‘product support‘ as required for all users and clients.

Enhanced Performance

We focus on ‘Enhanced Performance’ before our products are live for your use.
We test all of the products through different browsers and devices.

Friendly Support

Our experts are always ready to solve your queries. Feel free to ask any questions regarding Divi, Divi Next, and the products. You can also drop us an email to hellodivinext@gmail.com

Create Original Designs With DIVI Next Plugins

The functions that allow the users to create a professional-looking website using Divi Next, is next to magical. Feel free to explore all our products.

Next Text Modules

Image Effect

Next Image Effect Modules


Next Blurb Module


Next Essential Modules


Footer Layouts


404 Layouts


Header Layouts


Next Blurb Layouts

Our Popular Product Divi

Next Text Plugin

Achieve limitless ‘Typography’ using our most popular product, the Divi Next Text Plugin.

text animation

Text Animation

text highlight

Text Highlight


Gradient Text


Text Mask

Multi Heading

Multi Heading


Glitch Text


Text Color Motion

Text Stroke Animation

Text Stroke Motion

Hover highlight

Hover Highlight


Text Stroke

Text Divider

Text Divider

Text Tilt

Text Tilt Effect

text animation

Text Animation Modules

Add ‘Animation’ to your website’s texts to reflect messages effectively.
Cover texts with attractive animated effects to fascinate your visitors.
Enjoy the freedom to convey messages through different animation styles.


Slide Down



Drop in

Drop in





Loading Bar

Loading Bar









Our Latest Product Divi Next Image Effect

Divi Next’s Image Effect Pro allows you to add rich hover effects and designs to the images you add on your website.

Effect Pro

Mega Image Effect

Effect Lite

Image Effect Lite

Circular image hover

Circular Image Effect

image Hover Box

Image Hover Box Effect

Image Effect icon

Image Icon Effect

Ultimate image effect

Ultimate Image Effect

Minimal image hover

Minimal Image Hover Effect

image scroll

Image Scroll Effect

Our Free Product Image Effect Lite Plugin

Image Effect Lite is a simpler module but it does the trick coming with 43+ effects.

With our set of clean hover effects, you can still make use of them in your creative ways and manage to grab the visitor’s attention.

A perfect module for minimal lovers.

Our Prominent Product Divi Next Blurb Plugin

A design module that allows you to do whatever you like with the versatility this module provides, you will be left speechless.

With multiple design tools this module allows you to think out-of-the-box.

Our Latest Divi Next Essential Modules

The Divi Next Essential modules are an excellent choice to simplify the content on your website. Add the required essential modules and experience a more well-organized website.

next button

Next Button Module

dual button

Next Dual Button Module


Heading Module

image reveal

Image Reveal

next Divider

Next Divider

divi flip box

3D Flip Box

flip box

Flip Box


Team Social Reveal


Team Member Overlay


Next person

logo carosuel

Logo Carousel

divi Cube Slider

3D Cube Slider


Testimonial Carousel

divi gallery slider

Carousel Gallery Slider

divi cover flow

Coverflow Slider

Premade 50+ Footer Layouts

Choose from 50+ Footer Layouts and fill-up the last portion of your website with all your useful information for your clients. A whole bundle of stunning footer layouts is now available by Divi Next.



Premade 50+ 404 Error Layouts

Choose from 50+ 404 Layouts to avoid your site’s missing page confusion.

Pick your favorite 404 layouts from our premade bundle of sleek and unique 404 layouts by DiviNext.

Premade 50+ Header Layouts

Prepare eye-catching, user-friendly yet customizable header designs on your website that will allow your clients to pay attention to your ‘Brand’ identity.

Feel free to explore our collection of 50+ Header Layouts. Our creative team came up with unique premade designs for your ease-of-use.


How we can help you grow

The growth of a company depends a lot on team building, trust, brainstorming the company’s target goals, and helping each other climb that mountain you all dream to climb together. Our products can easily help your company grow as a team. We provide you with what you need for your ‘Brand’.


We, the Divi Next team, are here to make your company attractive with our unique collection of layouts, plugins, and modules to help you be you. Be unique.


Having a team is like always being ready to rise together and fall together, face countless rejections together, and feel the joy of success together. Teamwork is the backbone that helps the company stand straight.


Letting your company handle everything with positivity will help gain strength when hard times tend to show up every now and then.


Relaxation/ Recreation is the key to being mindful of your actions and helps keep track of your accomplishments and failures. Unwinding can help a group of co-workers work more efficiently.

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