Divi Next Affiliate

Earn money by joining our affiliate program. Get monthly passive income easily without any technical knowledge.

What's the benefit of being an affiliate?
By promoting DiviNext.com products you will get 20% commission each time someone buys through your affiliate link.
What's the commision rate again?
It’s 20% of every purchase made by your promotion.
Sounds, good. How do I get started?
Just fill up the affiliate registration form. Then after the approval, you will have an affiliate member’s area with all the information.
How affiliate program works?
Each affiliate gets a unique referral link.
When someone makes purchases by your promotion on your website, social media or email, the affiliate software tracks that and calculate your 20% commission.
When do I get the payment with which payment method?

Payments are made monthly if your balance meets the minimum $50.
For payment method, we prefer to give with MasterCard (Payoneer) or else you can get paid by PayPal.

I would like to know more!

Sure! Just contact us or give us an email, if you have anything else to know about.

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