Version 3.1 ( updated 6/1/23 ) -Fixed an issue in the NextWooGrid module where trailing commas were not allowed in function calls in PHP 7.2 or earlier. Version 3.0 ( updated 5/21/23 ) -Added compatibility feature for third-party filter plugins in the product grid module. -Added a \"Custom CSS\" field for the search button in the \"Wooo Ajax Search\" module. -Fixed the search button text in the \"Wooo Ajax Search\" module. -Added search ability to the website search result page for the \"Product Grid\" and \"Product Carousel\" pages. -Fixed the responsiveness of the search button in the \"Wooo Ajax Search\" module. -Fixed the border color issue in the \"Wooo Ajax Search\" module. -Added the option to use the \"product grid\" module within the Tag archive page with the \"Current Page\" switch option. -Fixed the \"Lazy Loading\" issue in the \"Product Grid\" module. -Improved nonce and sanitized text content fields. -Fixed pagination and load-more features when using special archive pages with the \"current pages\" feature. -Fixed the \"Quickview\" popup display option in the archive pages. -Fixed the \"Quickview\" popup display in general. -Fixed the backend and frontend display dissimilarity issue in the \"Product Grid\" module. -Fixed the Quickview popup arrow border settings. -Fixed the \"Add to Cart\" and \"Quick View\" icons not showing in the front end of the Filter module. -Added an option for adjusting the description font in the Improved Quickview popup, including border, hover-overlay, and title spacing. -Added a Quickview popup box price color option. -Fixed the mini-cart option for multi-language support. -Added a design option for the Quickview popup box close button. -Fixed and cleaned up code in the product grid module. -Fixed the background issue in layout-4, layout-6, and layout-7 of the product grid module. -Fixed the image and Quickview icon border issue. -Fixed the spacing issue in layouts 5 and 6. -Fixed the product grid view-cart border issue. Version 2.5 ( updated 3/23/23 ) -Added \"Woo Ajax Search\" module -Fixed variable product text color issue -Updated Quick-view popup box option settings -Fixed category alignment issue within the product grid module -Fixed background color issues within the wishlist icon while it has been selected, and content background -Fixed rating alignment -Fixed sale-badge text margin/padding option Version 2.4 ( updated 2/9/23 ) -Fixed add-to-cart, quick-view, compare, and wishlist icon hovers color not being applied unless there was an active color. -Fixed the number pagination and load-more pagination not working properly at the category archive pages Version 2.3 ( updated 1/22/23 ) -Resolved issue with filter module not functioning on websites using different languages -Updated deprecated warning within the product carousel -Fixed design issue with hover on Quickview modal button Version 2.2 ( updated 1/20/23 ) -Added the ability to include \"category\" within the carousel layouts -Fixed problem with importing starter layout -Resolved \"wp is not defined\" error in the customizer -Improved Quickview popup functionality Version 2.1 ( updated 1/12/23 ) -Added \"Mini Cart\" module -Implemented AJAX pagination in the product grid -Resolved image size issue in product carousel module -Fixed design inconsistencies with icons, text, and image height in products displayed after clicking \"Load More\" -Implemented data caching and optimized files for improved loading performance -Included first-page products in the cache -Updated buttons for checkout and view cart -Implemented methods for achieving equal height in product grid module -Removed redirect on plugin activation -Included scrollbar in the \"Mini Cart\" module -Fixed broken Quickview functionality Version 2.0 ( updated 10/17/22 ) -Optimized and clean up, completely restructured the codebase to make the plugin faster than ever, now all the code is separate, and only when the module is used necessary JS/CSS will load -Added filter bar responsive position option -Redesign the quick view popup for all the product modules -Fixed image overlapping issue within the product filter module -Added the Quick view, Wishlist, and compare features within the \"Product Filter\" module. -Fixed regular & new prices not showing correctly while having variable product -Update the text-domain -Cleanup code and made reusable code block -Added regular/sale price toggle within the Product Accordion -Fixed the \"Load more\" issue within the product grid module -Fixed the incorrect rating within the \"Product grid\" module -Fixed the PHP warning suggestion -Fixed the image height issue within the visual builder at the product grid module -Fixed the HTML code not showing within the Quickview on product modules -Fixed the Quickview bottom thumbs gallery overlapping while having more than 4 images in the product gallery -Fixed the background color within the Quickview while on hover Version 1.8 ( updated 9/8/22 ) -Added the newly created Quickview customization system within the product grid module and product carousel module -Updated the selections options for pricing options at variable products -Added options for changing texts for variable items -Fixed variable products price color within the product grid module -Fixed text-domain name -Added Mini cart checkout text dynamic translation -Updated product filter module menu position Version 1.7 ( updated 8/24/22 ) -Added the \"Current Category\" feature within the \"Product Grid\", \"Product Carousel\" and \"Product Accordion\" modules. -Added divi product filter bar positioning option for left position and right position -Added option for updating the text from the customizer within the Mini cart Version 1.6 ( updated 8/9/22 ) -Added the Include & Exclude feature of the “All” category from the product filter module -Added option to change the “All” text within the product filter module -Fixed product showcase issue while having multiple categories within the product filter Version 1.5 ( updated 8/2/22 ) -Fixed the layout import issue while using the product carousel module Version 1.4 ( updated 7/29/22 ) -Fixed product filter categories don’t show some products -Fixed product doesn’t show while having multiple categories for products -Fixed mini-cart click issue -Added option for updating the text for “Add To Cart” and badges -Updated design options for badges -Fixed add-to-cart link not clickable at product grid layout 2 Version 1.3 ( updated 7/17/22 ) -Added brand new Mini Cart Feature -Added 3 types of Mini cart interaction -Added Rating toggle within the product grid module -Added the option to change the Sale, percentage, out-of-stock, featured text with the product grid, and product carousel module -Added review rating alignment feature within the product grid module -Added overlay feature at the product carousel module for all the layouts -Added overlay gradient color feature at layout.4 & 6 within the product grid module -Fixed product filter module\'s product doesn\'t show issue when category name had multiple words in it Version 1.2 ( updated 5/18/22 ) -Fixed the import starter layout import issue -Fixed product filter stacked issue -Fixed console warning about tag descendant -Fixed quick-view slider arrow not visible Version 1.1 ( updated 5/4/22 ) -Updated the default design on all the modules -Added updated icon fonts of Divi -Fixed Arrow responsiveness issue -Fixed PHP 8 warning -Added Pagination feature at the Product Grid module -Added the \"Load More\" feature to the product grid module -Added quick view feature to multiple modules -Added Wish list features to multiple product modules -Added slider feature within the Quick view -Added thumbs gallery feature within the quick view of products -Fixed page reload issue -Fixed spacing issues -Added a few design layouts within modules -Added admin notice feature Version 1.0.0 ( updated 11-21-21 ) - Released - The Plugin.