Version 4.5.1 ( updated 10-01-21 ) -Fixed Accordion Module button default link target opened on a new tab -Fixed Masonry module image clickable only few areas now it is working on the full image -Fixed Text Highlight module text-align doesn\'t work while enabling hover effect -Fixed Masonry module overlay hover effect transition time it is now has been increased to 0.5s -Fixed Post Carousel module console issue on the visual builder -Fixed Post Carousel module speed issue on the visual builder -Fixed gallery slider module arrow doesn\'t show on the visual builder -Updated the script.js so that it only loads while using the module -Fixed wp-cron triggers a fatal error while updating Version 4.5.0 ( updated 9-23-21 ) -Added the new Divi Post Carousel Module -Fixed Masonry Gallery Overlay Icon issue -Fixed Gallery Slider arrow doesn\'t show on the visual builder -Added an option at Masonry Gallery to use neither lightbox nor link feature Version 4.4.8 ( updated 9-9-21 ) -Fixed Masonry Gallery lightbox console issue fixed -Fixed Masonry Gallery overlay section click problem fix -Fixed ultimate image height issue happens on a few of the effects -Fixed Text Highlight module shrink hover effect alignment issue fix -Fixed animation module triggers warning at PHP 7.4 Version 4.4.7 ( updated 9-7-21 ) -Fixed Masonry lightbox arrow doesn\'t show after Divi the 4.10 update -Fixed Masonry overlay background doesn\'t show after the Divi 4.10 update -Update Masonry hover effects defaults to none Version 4.4.6 ( updated 9-1-21 ) - Fixed step flow module arrow angle offset-top and offset-left position issue. - Updated step flow module angle responsiveness feature Version 4.4.5 ( updated 8-24-21 ) - Fixed Ultimate Image Hover module heading word spacing issue - Fixed flip module icon doesn\'t show on frontend after the divi 4.10 update - Fixed Logo Carousel module Vertical Alignment and last item margin-bottom fixed - Updated Stepflow \"Circle Style\" toggle name changed to \"Icon Box Style\" - Updated Stepflow - Icon/Image Style toggle removed, Icon/Image Size option moved to \"Icon Box Style\" toggle Version 4.4.4 ( updated 8-20-21 ) - Fixed Image Accordion Module Icon doesn\'t show properly on the frontend - Fixed Ultimate Image Hover module margin issue. - Added custom CSS option for the main wrapper at the Ultimate Image Hover module. Version 4.4.3 ( updated 8-19-21 ) - Fixed icon not showing after the Divi 4.10 update at Next Blurb, Dual Button, Next Button, Imae Accordion, Image Icon Effect, Step Flow modules. Version 4.4.2 ( updated 8-18-21 ) - Added \"Expand Last Interacted Item\" and \"Expand On Mouse Out\" on hover feature to the Image Accordion module - Fixed Masonry Lightbox image counter problem - Fixed 3dFlipbox module frontend button hover issue Version 4.4.1 ( updated 8-1-21 ) - Fixed HotSpot module tooltip position issue - Fixed HotSpot module triangle color issue - Fixed StepFlow module badge font style doesn\'t work on the frontend - Fixed image accordion module hover overlay transparency doesn\'t work - Removed accordion module individual item gradient, image, video background - Added HotSpot module circle sizing feature - Fixed Text Highlight Module alignment feature doesn\'t on mobile/tablet - Added Image Accordion module CSS class and ID field to the individual item Version 4.4.0 ( updated 7-11-21 ) - Released new \"Content Toggle\" module - Fixed bottom gallery click navigation system while using multiple Gallery Slider modules on the same page - Fixed center-slide creates warning while no slides within Divi Carousel Module - Added company name & link feature within the Testimonial Slider module - Fixed frontend gallery image order as like the visual builder. - Fixed mega image effect button link doesn\'t work because of z-index - Fixed dot color navigation of the Cube Slider Module - Removed the default padding from the flip box module through CSS - Added responsive gutter feature within the Masonry module - Fixed spacing issue within the Ultimate Image Hover module - Added link feature within the Minimal Image Hover Module - Fixed Masonry lightbox close icon doesn\'t work on firefox - Update 3D flop module labels Version 4.3.1 ( updated 6-17-21 ) - Updated the masonry module image size feature - Fixed masonry lightbox background being total black - Fixed masonry lightbox double arrow showcase - Added home tab at the plugin dashboard Version 4.3.0 ( updated 6-8-21 ) - Recreated the divi masonry module from the ground up - Added category filter system at the masonry module - Added 60+ overlay hover effect at the masonry module - Added 9 filter bar styles on the masonry module - Added linking capability to the images on the masonry module - Added title, caption option design both lightbox and gallery - Added overlay icon size feature - Added overlay gradient color at the masonry module - Added image size feature at the masonry module - Fixed the gutter responsiveness at the masonry module - Fixed the extra left margin issue at the masonry module - Removed the duplicate text toggle from the text color motion module - Fixed 3d flip box image size issue on the backend - Added all module enabling & disabling features at once at plugin options - Fixed bodymovin not defined - Fixed blurb module size issue Version 4.2.5 ( updated 4-29-21 ) - Fixed license notification issue - Fixed hotspot tooltip position alignment - Fixed default opacity being applied on the ultimate image hover module Version 4.2.4 ( updated 4-25-21 ) - Added gutter responsiveness and padding within the Masonry Gallery module - Fixed Masonry module lightbox close button hidden - Added title, description, and image spacing feature within the price list module - Added custom CSS feature for the child items for few elements at the price list module - Fixed price list module description having multiple columns while using multiple paragraphs - Fixed get_hover_value out of scope issue from common.php - Fixed 3D flip box module does not look like 3d while using border-radius - Fixed Flipbox and 3D Flipbox module background-position issue Version 4.2.3 ( updated 4-15-21 ) -  Added Right To Left feature within the Logo Carousel Module - Improved - wow.js load only when needed - Added wow-activation.js file - Improved - Magnify CSS will load only when it\'s needed - Removed animate.css - Refactored Gradient Text module, Multi Heading module, Image Reveal Module - Fixed blurb image stretched on safari browser Version 4.2.2 ( updated 4-5-21 ) - Fixed Masonry module triggers issue - Fixed step flow circle background hover color - Added (Team member overlay module) image overlay color gradient feature added. - Refactored team member module overlay/padding. Version 4.2.1 ( updated 4-3-21 ) - Fixed Team Overlay Module gradient color issue - Added overlay color feature within the Image Accordion Module - Removed the default border and box-shadow from Flipbox & 3D Flipbox module - Update Ultimate Image Hover effect 23 style - Added button feature to Divi Carousel Module - Fixed carousel and slider not working on a popup - Fixed Flipbox image alignment - Updated the text-domain to translate the module into a different language - Fixed Divi Carousel module transparent image had a white background - Fixed timeline module image stretched within safari browser - Fixed blurb module image stretched on safari browser - Fixed the Zoe effect as icons show by default without hovering on the Image Icon Effect Module - Fixed the last item of the logo carousel having extra height - Removed nested code Php(ultimate image hover) - Removed repeat code from PHP and jsx both. - Fixed empty p: before tag generated by Gutenberg block within the ultimate image hover effect. Version 4.2.0 ( updated 3-14-21 ) - Fixed Mega Image Effect Issue - Added Assets Manager file within the plugins file - Fixed Array sign issue - Updated Team Overlay Card Module CSS - Fixed Image Icon Module Icon double issue while using other icon plugins - Fixed sliders arrow different size issue - Updated team overlay card module features - Updated Coverflow module name to Next Divi Carousel since it can do almost any design possible - Added Next Divi Carousel Image Responsive Feature - Updated Next Blurb Image placement responsive feature - Updated Image Accordion Module responsive feature - Added Testimonial module Quote image positioning - Fixed Next Blurb icon hover color issue - Added Stepflow module image & icon settings toggle - Fixed Stepflow module arrow positioning on the backend - Fixed Image Icon Effect module double icons show when using wp & divi icon plugin - Fixed Text Highlight Module Translation issue. - Fixed Next blurb box-shadow selector - Fixed Next blurb text container having 550px by default so the image was having unwanted space - Fixed Image Hover Box module frontend gradient color issue - Fixed Image Accordion module gutter space issue while using the vertical design - Added Image Accordion Module overlay color settings toggle Version 4.1.1 ( updated 1-26-21 ) - Added Next Blurb Module Image placement responsiveness feature - Fixed Gallery Slider module arrow size - Fixed Next Blurb module box-shadow and border applying to the parent wrapper - Disabled image mask repeat feature - Fixed Lottie Module alignment doesn\'t work - Fixed image scroll module height doesn\'t work Version 4.1.0 ( updated 1-24-21 ) -  Added  Image Mask Features to a few modules - Updated  Recreate the Image Accordion module with better options - Fixed  Flip Box Left Side Default spacing issue - Fixed  3D Flip module and Flip module icon alignment issue Version 4.0.1 ( updated 1-06-21 ) - Fixed unprefixed get_images on includes/functions.php - Fixed image accordion module esc_html__() - Fixed closing tag issue on the admin-documentation.php Version 4.0.0 ( updated 1-02-21 ) - Added a plugin option field for switching on/off modules depending on your needs. - Fixed Before After Slider Module Text Content Doesn\'t Appear. - Removed et_builder_i18n function removed from Next Masonry Module - Fixed Divi Hotspot Module tooltip Right, Left, Bottom Position - Fixed Divi Next Button hover effect applies while outside of the button - Improved the alignment function code and refactored the JS & PHP code. Version 3.9.0 ( updated 1-1-21 ) - Fixed Image Hover Box module p & span tag issue - Fixed 3D Flipbox and Flipbox frontend image issue and alignment code refactored. Version 3.8.4 ( updated 12-08-20 ) - Fixed swiper slider CSS isn\'t loading correctly Version 3.8.3 ( updated 12-06-20 ) - Fixed Masonry Gallery module tooltip showing title with div included - Added Masonry Gallery Default style - Speed up the plugin, now most of the scripts and CSS only load when the corresponded module is being used! - Fixed third party icon plugin support at the \"Step Flow\" module Version 3.8.2 ( updated 12-03-20 ) - Fixed \"Business Hour\" Module capitalism issue on the date and time - Fixed \"Ultimate Image Effect\" module auto p tag generator, - Fixed \"Ultimate Image Effect\" module number 15 issue image fix - Added \"3D Cube slider\" module arrow background color and size - Fixed \"Pricelist\" module vertical-align issue - Fixed \"Masonry Gallery\" module generates an issue on the backend Version 3.8.1 ( updated 12-02-20 ) - Fixed Masonry Gallery Module image loading issue, which generates a warning Version 3.8.0 ( updated 12-01-20 ) - Added Divi Image Accordion Module - Added Mouse Wheel Navigation feature at the testimonial slider - Adde Keyboard Navigation feature at the testimonial slider module Version 3.7.0 ( updated 11-30-20 ) - Added Divi Twitter Follow Module - Added Divi Twitter Button Module - Added Title and Caption include features at Divi Masonry Gallery Module Version 3.6.0 ( updated 11-25-20 ) - Add Divi Before After Slider Module - Add an image adding a feature to the Divi timeline module - Fixed Divi timeline module icon outer spacing - Add background color/gradient to the 3D flip module and Divi Flip Module - Fixed right arrow dissimilarity on the Divi Testimonial module - Fixed description color feature on the Divi Testimonial module - Fixed gallery slider module\'s right arrow isn\'t similar to the left one - Added vertical alignment feature to the logo carousel - Fixed mega image effect does not work if the title field is empty Version 3.5.1 ( updated 11-19-20 ) - Fixed image uploading issue at the media library Version 3.5.0 ( updated 11-18-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Share Module - Added Divi Facebook Page Module Version 3.4.1 ( updated 11-17-20 ) - Added Lottie file or JSON upload feature by default - Fixed next blurb width isn\'t working - Fixed licensing tiny issue about displaying Version 3.4.0 ( updated 11-16-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Embedded Like Module Version 3.3.0 ( updated 11-15-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Comment Module Version 3.2.0 ( updated 11-14-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Embedded Comment Module Version 3.1.0 ( updated 11-13-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Embedded Post Module Version 3.0.0 ( updated 11-12-20 ) - Added Divi Facebook Embedded Video Module Version 2.9.1 ( updated 11-11-20 ) -Fixed Undefined Superglobal on Divi-essential.php -Fixed Non-Sanitized Input Variable on Divi-essential.php Version 2.9.0 ( updated 11-10-20 ) - Added Divi Timeline Module Version 2.8.1 ( updated 11-2-20 ) - Fix 3D Cube Slider Module only accepts 4 images. Version 2.8.0 ( updated 10-29-20 ) - Added Divi Image Magnifier Version 2.7.1 ( updated 10-24-20 ) - Fixed undefine variable at Divi Cube Slider Module Version 2.7.0 ( updated 10-22-20 ) - Added Divi Masonry Gallery  Module Version 2.6.0 ( updated 10-16-20 ) - Added Divi Hotspot Module Version 2.5.0 ( updated 10-12-20 ) - Added Divi Lottie Module Version 2.4.0 ( updated 10-07-20 ) - Added Divi Step Flow Module Version 2.3.7 ( updated 10-1-20 ) - Fixed review module alignment feature - Added ratting star module alignment feature - Fixed person module social icon padding - Added dual button module alignment responsive feature - Added dual button module responsive feature for background-color Version 2.3.6 ( updated 09-28-20 ) - Added coverflow module heading text and paragraph text padding feature Version 2.3.5 ( updated 09-25-20 ) - Added text inside the image at Divi Coverflow module - Added text below the image option at Divi Coverflow module - Added only text slide at Divi Coveflow module - Fixed the empty p tag generating tiny padding at the frontend issue Version 2.3.4 ( updated 09-22-20 ) - Added image upload feature along with icons on both 3d Flip and Next Flip module - Updated Flip module toggle name and organize tab - Updated 3D Flip module font tab and content toggle name Version 2.3.3 ( updated 09-21-20 ) - Fixed Hover Highlight Module effect doesn\'t show any effect by default - Fixed Tilt Module and Hover Highlight module conflicts on the backend. Version 2.3.2 ( updated 09-20-20 ) - Added 3D Cube Slider Module  Heading Text & Paragraph Text Feature - Fixed Floating Element Module rotating effect - Fixed Next Blurb Module image top-center and top-right position - Fixed Next Blurb Module icon appears though it is disabled Version 2.3.0 ( updated 09-17-20 ) -Added Divi Floating Element Module -Added Divi Floating Element Module Version 2.2.0 ( updated 09-12-20 ) -Added Divi Promo Box Module Version 2.1.0 ( updated 08-07-20 ) -Added Divi Testimonial Module. Version 2.0.0 ( updated 08-05-20 ) -Released: Major version with a lot more modules. Version 1.0.0 ( updated 04-26-20 ) - Released - Fix: Deprecated: Array and string offset